I‘ve lived in the Semaphore area of South Australia for over 32 years, and I love it. I was employed at Actil Ltd as a designer when I first emigrated here from Wales in 1983, and following the birth of my three children, I spent many years working in Education – specifically with children with Special Needs – but even then, Art has always been in my life.I originally trained as a textile designer in Leicester, UK – I’m heavily influenced by Gustav Klimt and the distorted perspective drawings of Escher –  I see pattern in everything!  

Working creatively within the community has become a passion, murals, workshops, teaching drawing, curating exhibitions – anything that brings art into people’s lives. 

I’ve won many awards along the way, and I’m always looking ahead finding new skills and creating more complex and more challenging work. For the past few years I’ve focused on portraiture and pattern. I’ve developed my own particular style of portraiture which has evolved from my early days of textile design. I also create commissioned portraits  – usually from photographs which people email to me.  As my work evolves I find myself being pulled back to work totally in black and white again – I love the clean lines, but then again pattern DOES have it’s own allure too!  I now have a range of prints and quality art cards taken from my original artwork which are in galleries and shops in SA, or to order from me via email.(PayPal button pending here!)

I’ve recently finished the fourth series of historical illustrations for a  Biographer, whose books are now in the National Library in Canberra – a great honour. Nature and the sea are beginning to appear in my new works – lets see where that takes me